19 Nov / 4:52 pm

Call Of Duty 4

I think I am going to have to check out Call of Duty 4. I’ve seen so many people saying good things about it that I’m eager to give it a try. My only fear is that it will end up on the shelf next to Quake4, Doom3, and Half-Life 2, the set of games I spend $50 on, play through once and never touch again due to crappy multi-player experience and zero replayability.

From the stunning opening mission on the cargo ship to the heart-stopping execution of the Middle Eastern President to… God… the nuke… or the unexpected suicide… or the comeuppance at the end of the game. Nearly every mission is crammed with climaxes that left my heart pounding and begging for more.

I was doing a search for TF2 and came across a guy who has things so wonderful to say about COD4, but that the multiplayer will never compete against the perfection of TF2.

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  1. Brendan Says:

    Everybody has stopped playing the Orange box on the 360 and now they’re playing this title. My buddy says it’s good, but he doesn’t get the complexity of the gameplay in TF2 and likes to just sign on, load up, and bang away while feeling like he’s being strategic. Since TF2 requires teamwork, planning, and has a bit steeper learning curve (although let’s be honest it’s still pretty basic) it has less appeal to the Xbox Live gamer.