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03 Dec / 6:19 pm

Engineers can build on Trains

Found this entry over at about how, as an engineer, you can build buildings on top of the trains. Once built it seems to float in mid-air for a while until the next train comes by to destroy it.

I found this video after a little research and realized, it is possible as an Engineer to build on top of moving trains in cp_well. All you have to do is jump down on the moving train and build as you are on top of it. Your structure will be built in the air with nothing below it. Here is a video:

03 Dec / 2:58 pm

CEVO TF2 Final Matches Predictions has two predictions up on the final matches of the Free CEVO Team Fortress 2 tournament. It looks to be a show off between Adrenaline Gamer and The Doctors. Best of luck to both clans, can’t wait to watch the demos.

In the Grand Finals of CEVO’s TF2 $1,000 FREE Tournament, Michael “Gashuffer” Clark continues to give you the heads up on the final matches in this intense tournament. Can the doctors end this tournament in the dominant fashion everyone thought they would? Can 407 take down Experiment to prove Gashuffer wrong? I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Teamfortress TV has also posted a video with their coverage and predictions of the match between aG and Doctors. This looks to be an exciting match and should be a joy to watch.

03 Dec / 1:22 pm

TF2 Fist Patrol! Heavy and Medic Dominate Sudden Death

Haha, hein found a hilarious video of a medic and a heavy dominating a team fortress 2 pub server during sudden death.

<@hein\work> we need to do this more on pubs

03 Dec / 12:38 pm

Welcome New Members to DJedi

We held a meeting last evening to discuss the future of the team. Recruiting was one of the biggest topics we discussed along with what leagues we’re going to participate in. It looks like we’re going to stay in STA and TFL, which are both 8’s leagues, and for that we needed a few more members to fill our roster spots.

Heineken is a long time friend of the clan and Speedy has been hanging out with us for the past decade. These two new members will help fill out roster and keep us competitive in the two leagues we’re participating in. Congrats to you both, your Trainee periods are over, welcome to the Clan.