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29 Dec / 7:33 pm

TF2 Medic Acheivements Leaked

Saw this over at Not sure how valid any of it is, but it seems reasonable.


Achievement Details
(One is missing from the list?)
Medic Assist Capturer
Medic Assist Demoman
Medic Assist Heavy
Medic Assist Heavy “Long”
Medic Assist Medic
Medic Assist Pyro
Medic Assist Soldier
Medic Assist versus Nemeses
Medic Bonesaw Medics
Medic Bonesaw No Misses
Medic Bonesaw Spy Callers
Medic Charge Blocker
Medic Charge Friends
Medic Charge Juggle
Medic Counter Charge
Medic Extinguish Teammates
Medic Heal Achiever
Medic Heal Callers
Medic Freezecam Ragdoll
Medic Heal Engineer
Medic Heal Grind
Medic Heal Huge
Medic Heal Large
Medic Heal Under Fire
Medic Invite Join Charge
Medic Kill Healed Spy
Medic Kill While Charged
Medic Rapid Charge
Medic Save Falling Teammate
Medic Save Teammate
Medic Setup Charge
Medic Simulate Charge
Medic Switch to Medic
Medic Syringe Scouts
Medic Top Scoreboard

29 Dec / 7:30 pm

Team Fortress 2 Greifing, Part 2

Team Roomba is at it again, this time forcing people to answer trivia questions before they’re allowed to exit the spawn. Pretty hilarious once again.

21 Dec / 11:30 am

TFL: DJedi vs. automatica!

Last night we played Automatica! on everyone’s favorite map, ctf_2fort. Before the round even started automatica wanted to make some roster changes to allow a new member to play. Apparently, Brotherhood of Assassins is now defunct having forfeited their last few matches and Naufragus from BoA wanted to play on auto’s roster last night. That was fine, because we wanted to play and not get a lame forfeit win.


Automatica had trouble fielding 8 and played down a man for the initial 20 minutes of the first round. Since they were down a man the majority of the 1st round we pushed hard against their reinforced-with-turtle-shells defense. We ended up pulling the intelligence to the top of their spirals and managed to pull out a cap. Meanwhile auto was running a spy who made it out of our base with our flag while we were busy trying to capture their flag. We defended our flag in front of our base while we captured again to go up 2-0. Auto eventually capped the flag and we were able to pull out 2 more after their 8th player joined. Round 1: 4-1 DJedi


We switched colors for Round 2 and we both started with complete teams. We stuck with the strategy we were using before and pushed 6 O with only lunk and Tendril left to defend our base. Automatica pushed hard into our base a few times in the 2nd round now that they had a full squad, blowing two ubers to push past the ramp room. With both Tendril and myself down we called for help and the rest of DJedi collapsed back to the base to stop our flag’s advance. Towards the end of the match defense was pretty boring so lunk switched to sniper to allow Slingshot to roam free as a soldier in the enemy base. Automatica’s more powerful offensive pushes left their defense vulnerable and DJedi exploited that to pull out 7 caps in the 2nd round. Round 2: 7-1 DJedi

Final: 11-2 DJedi over Automatica!

Excellent match guys, hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. DJedi went 4-0 for the last 2 weeks of competition in 2007. Good job guys, see you next year.

20 Dec / 8:11 pm

Team Fortress 2/Source Engine Update Released

Valve has released an update to TF2 and it’s latest version of the source engine. Here are some of the more notable changes.

  • Prevented players from playing the “civilian” class
  • The Medic’s Medigun now charges at an increased rate during Setup time, to remove the need for self-damage grinding
  • Fixed exploit where the Medigun UberCharge wouldn’t drain if you switched weapons

There have also been some specific changes to Dustbowl, including the removal of the ability to fire through the grates.

  • Prevented Demomen being able to launch grenades into the stage three alleys while standing at the final cap point
  • Fixed gaps in stage gates that allowed snipers to kill defenders during setup
  • Fixed several model and brush perch exploits in stage three
  • Added stair access to the upper area in stage three after the first cap
19 Dec / 2:12 pm

Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

Holy crap, after 6 years with no sign of graduating from vaporware, shacknews had a post discussing the newly released Duke Nukem Forever Trailer. I waited over 10 years for TF2 and it finally came out, so this is a glimmer of hope for all the fans of the Duke 3d series. Enjoy.

19 Dec / 9:59 am

STA: DJedi vs Elemental Dragons

This match we played Elemental Dragons, {ED} on CTF_Turbine. This was our first match on this map and we didn’t really know what to expect.

The 1st round started out on our server and ended up with us pushing them back to their respawn hallway and holding them while heineken ran caps as scout. 1st Round ended up 23-2 DJedi.

The 2nd round we got a little silly as lunk switched from Soldier to Scout. I think Polar switched from Soldier to Engineer for a little while and put a gun up in the middle. We held the enemy in their hallway with a soldier/medic/demoman combo at each door and while lunk and hein ran relay caps in the background. We played no D on turbine and it showed, letting up 7 caps. The 2nd round ended 32-7 DJedi.

Final Score: 23-2, 32-7, DJedi over {ED} 55-9

19 Dec / 8:29 am

Clan Aftermath’s Golden Child

Somehow the lighting was just right when Chico killed me in a scrim the other day resulting in this killer screen shot.

18 Dec / 10:44 am

You Got Knocked The F@$* Out Man!

17 Dec / 1:59 pm

Saving Private Ryan, TF2 Style

Wow, there is NOTHING new in TF2 land so i’m resorting to posting old news from The following video is an overlay of TF2 sounds onto video from Saving Private Ryan. The result is pretty hilarious.

17 Dec / 1:34 pm

TF2 Wins Primotech Game Honors

Primo Technology has posted their Game Of The Year Awards and once again, Orange Box and TF2 are receiving the recognition they deserve.

Orange Box took home the honors of best shooter. Among the many reasons that this collection of games is awesome was the inclusion of Peggle as part of the shooter category. Upon thinking about it, their perspective is not flawed and I agree with them.

Team Fortress 2 deservedly walked away with the Best Multiplayer Experience award beating out Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Halo 3, and Rock Band.


In a year filled with some of the best shooters gamers have ever experienced across virtually every platform, Team Fortress 2 distinguishes itself from the rest of the twitchy, frothy, and even sometimes excellently-developed herd. Even if its brilliant art direction, sadistic sense of humor, and generally excellent core engine features were stripped from gamers’ minds, TF2 would still be a monumental success with multiplayer gamers.


Episode 2 brings everything you would expect and more to the Half-Life series, and does so in a very stylistic fashion. Blending superb storytelling with heart-pounding action, Episode 2 takes the franchise to the next level. Portal, with it’s innovative features and hilarious narrative, show players where the future of puzzle games lie.

And what better way to blow off some steam at the end of a long hard day than to fire up Team Fortress 2?