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25 Nov / 11:24 am

CEVO TF2 Doctors vs. The Experiment Semi-Final Coverage

First things first, I hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and was able to visit family and friends and stuff themselves silly.

I am very thankful for TFTV and the amazing job Mike and Will are doing with coverage of the CEVO tournament. Their latest episode showcases two highly vaunted teams pitted against each other on Gravel Pit. This map is extremely difficult to defend and at the end of two rounds the score was 2-2. Pipher, a CEVO admin, then joined the server and said that overtime would be played via stopwatch, whoever caps fastest wins the match.

After The Experiment steam rolled us in Round 1 I’ve been pulling for them throughout the tournament. My old buddy from Quake3 Pangu is on the team and I’m sad to see that they got knocked out of the tournament by a very tough Doctors team.

Enjoy the video and if you like it, please send donations to the TFTV guys so they can keep up the good work and bring our community closer together.

21 Nov / 10:12 am

TF2 Review

I know anyone reading this blog already thinks that TF2 is beyond awesome. But for those who didn’t play Team Fortress in Quakeworld or are still on the fence about whether to try TF2, I found a very clearly written objective review of this amazing game.

More so than in any other genre of computer gaming, team multiplayer is only as good as the players make it.

This statement could not be closer to the truth. The relationships between team members, and the classes they choose to play as, greatly enhance and amplify the teamplay experience.

I would normally not post a review like this, but this one is so well written and informative, I can’t help but pass such a good read around.

20 Nov / 10:53 am

TF2 New Acheivements

Saw it first over at, the second Team Fortress site I’ve found this morning. Turns out the guys at Valve are finally getting over the post-release crunchtime of pushing out patches and fixing bugs and should be releasing some new acheivements. According to an e-mail response posted to the forum, there should be a whole slew of new Medic achievements.

Mail from Erik Johnson :
Thanks for the mail Thomas.

We’re planning on adding achievements to all of our games you touched on in your mail. We’re just now coming out of the post-shipping haze, so these should start showing up on Steam pretty quick here.

We’re also planning on adding a bunch more to TF2, starting with an achievement pack for the Medic in the next week or so.


20 Nov / 10:15 am

TF2 Strategy – The Scout, Versus

Was perusing the interweb this morning to see what was happening in the Team Fortress blog land and ran across a post that pits the Scout against every other class in the game.

Upon further inspection of Team Fortress 2 Strategy, I found that they have tons of tips and tricks, plus the same type of guide for every other class. There are also some general gameplay and map guides that outline some of the key concepts new players should grasp before getting into TF2. This site is still a work in progress and I’m sure if we check back in a few months they’ll have even more content.

19 Nov / 5:08 pm

TFTV Cevo TF2 Quarterfinals Predictions

The guys over at TFTV have put together yet another improvement over their last video predicting the outcomes of CEVO’s quarterfinals in TF2. I would love to see some TGL coverage before STA though. TGL is further along in their tournament and as kaybee has pointed out, there are some stellar matches coming up in the next few days. I completely agree and hope that STA is delayed in leiu of these more competitive games.

Why would you do STA predictions when you have some awesome matchups in TGL this Sunday….20id vs SB, SIT vs UGKZ, -P- vs [TDA], 50|CAL vs ex. TGL is starting to have some interesting matchups this week. Would be nice to see some preds on that. -kaybee

Once again those guys, amazing work on your videos, this is the best thing that the TF community has had since modems went to 56k.

19 Nov / 4:52 pm

Call Of Duty 4

I think I am going to have to check out Call of Duty 4. I’ve seen so many people saying good things about it that I’m eager to give it a try. My only fear is that it will end up on the shelf next to Quake4, Doom3, and Half-Life 2, the set of games I spend $50 on, play through once and never touch again due to crappy multi-player experience and zero replayability.

From the stunning opening mission on the cargo ship to the heart-stopping execution of the Middle Eastern President to… God… the nuke… or the unexpected suicide… or the comeuppance at the end of the game. Nearly every mission is crammed with climaxes that left my heart pounding and begging for more.

I was doing a search for TF2 and came across a guy who has things so wonderful to say about COD4, but that the multiplayer will never compete against the perfection of TF2.

19 Nov / 10:33 am

Gamespot TF2 Tournament TV

I didn’t even know that Gamespot was holding a Team Fortress 2 tournament, but apparently it has been going on for a few weeks and they are ready to play the final match. The final match is between Machines Less Wanted and team Ron Paul 2008. These two teams wouldn’t stand a chance in the CEVO tournament.

From what I can tell, these two teams look extremely unorganized and the commentary seems extremely lame due to people asking stupid questions. I assume they are probably targeting a broader audience than the folks at Team Fortress TV, but it feels like they have never even played TF2. “I think these guys have a big history, so I think they’ll do well. I don’t know.” Awesome not knowing anything about a game you’re commenting on.

18 Nov / 9:36 pm

TFTV Episode #4

The guys over at TFTV have put together yet another wonderful episode recapping the 2nd round of the CEVO tournament. Unfortunately, this round saw the defeat of Jailbait, Hostile Takeover and Paradigm Shift. These were the last 3 clans made up mostly of Quakeworld Teamfortress players. I guess our lives got in the way of practicing 24/7. Oh well, best of luck to the remaining teams.

Good job getting a point on a very tough team [Ht]. And Paradigm Shift, you guys did an amazing job handling The Experiment.

18 Nov / 9:26 pm

Gravel Pit Exploit

I was playing on a gravel pit server today and noticed there was a sentry gun underneath the floor. I hope that someone gets this map bug fixed soon as it is one of the most annoying things I’ve seen in TF2.

From Team Fortress 2 Exploit blog comes some simple instructions and a video on how to exploit the map bug.

On cp_gravelpit

  • Push up against the wall in the video.
  • Hold crouch and then turn to the right
  • Press forward and fall through, underneath the ground.


Hopefully if enough people hear about this, the developers will fix it.

16 Nov / 3:35 pm

It’s Friday and The Hoff says Strike a Pose