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29 Nov / 2:51 pm

The Experiment vs. Doctors: Highlight Reels

Saw this go by in a thread on Catacombs, someone took the time to take Pangu’s demo and make a sniper highlite reel with it. I have mentioned Pangu before, but we used to play in Negative Influence, -i, together in Quake3 and he was always a tremendous player. There are some people talking smack about his Counter Strike skills on the forum, but he never was really serious about such a stupid game in the first place and still beat people around. Keep it up pangu!

Pangu – Sniper Highlights – The Experiment

View the video full screen here.

George – Demoman Highlights – Doctors

View the video full screen here.

29 Nov / 2:18 pm

Valve’s Opinion on Critical Shots

In my insatiable quest for all that is TF2, I ran across an article about crits on another new (to me) site called TF2 Insider. In this article, which is a copy of a post on Catacombs, the interviewer asks a few questions regarding crits and how they change the game from a boring deterministic system to a somewhat random tactical experience. They also talk about the logical fallacies made by players who don’t fully understand the system.

Adding randomness increases the range of possible tactical skill options. Sometimes, the crazy thing works. If a game is 100 percent deterministic, then only one tactic works. The more randomness you add, the wider the range of options becomes.

29 Nov / 1:30 pm

Adrenaline Gamer beats down 4o7 DeathClan in CEVO semi-finals

4o7 Couldn’t even field players for the semi-finals. What the hell is up with that? I know there were lots of clans that got beat that could have at least gotten 6 players to show up at the same time and place.

Either way 4o7 got beat down, literally with scout bats, by aG. It’s pathetic for 4o7 to complain so much about not getting recognition or respect and then when it comes down to the final match of their CEVO existence they couldn’t give the people that are continuing to follow the tournament a decent game.

Oh well, aG got bored with this, and it shows in the TFTV coverage where one of the best soldiers in aG switched to scout and started batting people in the head. I’m sorry 4o7, but you owe it to yourselves and the rest of the participants in the tournament to show up for your games.

Without anymore rants, here’s the TFTV video covering this ridiculously crappy match. Hopefully aG vs. Doctors will be more exciting.