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27 Nov / 11:41 pm

Stronger Than All Match: DJedi over KQ

Tonight DJedi played in our first STA match for TF2 on CTF_2Forts versus Kaipira Quake Clan. Our defense was both bored and baffled by the interesting strategies they were running to try to get into our base.

Round 1 Round 2
djedikq-round1.jpg djedikq-round2.jpg

Rental’s Writeup

Yah so we won. 16 Caps. Not bad.
Like an elderly person with gas though, we let one out. I was standing at the top of the stairs with pipes at the bottom saying “i hope they dont go spiral” …sure enough.. no big deal. Lunk has recieved 40 lashes for his tomfoolery.
He made up for it by not getting killed at all round 2.

Totally my fault for letting that one go. I switched to heavy to clear the bridge and got hit with a crit on two runs for 40 seconds of awesome respawn waiting.

27 Nov / 2:32 pm

TF2 Heavy HowTo Video

As a follow up to my recent post to about howto play Spy and Pyro I found a new video on Youtube that illustrates how to excel at Heavy. While much of this is obvious to us veterans, it’s still pretty cool to reflect upon the tools that are available now, such as youtube and the blogosphere, and just how much more information is out there to consume compared to being a newb in the late 90’s trying to figure out all the intricacies of QWTF.

Enjoy the video.

27 Nov / 1:54 pm

Hellgate London Patch version 0.6

Finally, Hellgate London to become playable as a multiplayer game. The most annoying part of this game, the invisible party member bug, that should have been fixed *BEFORE* the release, has finally been fixed. This bug was so annoying, you and a single buddy could possibly see each other and destroy a board, but if you had more than that, forget about it. At least one person on everyone’s screen would be invisible, sometimes the entire party. I haven’t played this game in more than a week due to the stupid faults that weren’t caught before going live.

Patch 0.6 has one very notable fix – the invisible group member bug has been slain. This was a crafty, fierce thing with rows of nasty sharp teeth, but we believe it has now fallen into the mists of legend. We’ll stay vigilant in case it raises its ugly invisible head again.

I wish that Flagship would have waited until all major bugs were officially fixed before beginning to sell a faulty product. I hope that their oversight has not caused would be players to drop the game and go with something that doesn’t suck so bad. Patches are great, but the game is forever tarnished by this ugly bug. Read the full post over at Hellgate London Underground.

27 Nov / 1:40 pm

TF2 Visual Artifacts

Tendril has been complaining about seeing artifcats in his TF2 since the game came out. He finally decided to take some screenshots of the weird phenomenon and post them to his picasa web gallery. I have no idea how this is happening, I would imagine somewhere deep in his hardware a transistor has fried, or maybe his drivers are having some serious problems. Either way, some of these images are pretty trippy.

odd-shit-3.jpg odd-shit-8.jpg
Train Tracks on the Roof Pretty LSD induced colors.
27 Nov / 11:24 am

Interview with RentAKnight from Adrenaline Gamer [aG] has a great interview up with RentAKnight talking about the aG team and how they have progressed through the CEVO tournament. They discuss competative gameplay as well as their takedown of Comedy Option in the quarter finals of the tournament. Thanks to SolarEclipse for taking the time to talk with the community.

This is an interview with aG.Rent A Knight from clan Adrenaline Gamer. We cover topics such as TF2, competitive play, CEVO, Criticals, and what makes a team successful.

Adrenaline Gamer faces Doctors in the CEVO finals and should prove to be an excellent match. It turns out that they then turn around and play the same team in the TGL league. Good luck to you both.