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25 Nov / 11:24 am

CEVO TF2 Doctors vs. The Experiment Semi-Final Coverage

First things first, I hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and was able to visit family and friends and stuff themselves silly.

I am very thankful for TFTV and the amazing job Mike and Will are doing with coverage of the CEVO tournament. Their latest episode showcases two highly vaunted teams pitted against each other on Gravel Pit. This map is extremely difficult to defend and at the end of two rounds the score was 2-2. Pipher, a CEVO admin, then joined the server and said that overtime would be played via stopwatch, whoever caps fastest wins the match.

After The Experiment steam rolled us in Round 1 I’ve been pulling for them throughout the tournament. My old buddy from Quake3 Pangu is on the team and I’m sad to see that they got knocked out of the tournament by a very tough Doctors team.

Enjoy the video and if you like it, please send donations to the TFTV guys so they can keep up the good work and bring our community closer together.