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20 Nov / 10:53 am

TF2 New Acheivements

Saw it first over at, the second Team Fortress site I’ve found this morning. Turns out the guys at Valve are finally getting over the post-release crunchtime of pushing out patches and fixing bugs and should be releasing some new acheivements. According to an e-mail response posted to the forum, there should be a whole slew of new Medic achievements.

Mail from Erik Johnson :
Thanks for the mail Thomas.

We’re planning on adding achievements to all of our games you touched on in your mail. We’re just now coming out of the post-shipping haze, so these should start showing up on Steam pretty quick here.

We’re also planning on adding a bunch more to TF2, starting with an achievement pack for the Medic in the next week or so.


20 Nov / 10:15 am

TF2 Strategy – The Scout, Versus

Was perusing the interweb this morning to see what was happening in the Team Fortress blog land and ran across a post that pits the Scout against every other class in the game.

Upon further inspection of Team Fortress 2 Strategy, I found that they have tons of tips and tricks, plus the same type of guide for every other class. There are also some general gameplay and map guides that outline some of the key concepts new players should grasp before getting into TF2. This site is still a work in progress and I’m sure if we check back in a few months they’ll have even more content.