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18 Nov / 9:36 pm

TFTV Episode #4

The guys over at TFTV have put together yet another wonderful episode recapping the 2nd round of the CEVO tournament. Unfortunately, this round saw the defeat of Jailbait, Hostile Takeover and Paradigm Shift. These were the last 3 clans made up mostly of Quakeworld Teamfortress players. I guess our lives got in the way of practicing 24/7. Oh well, best of luck to the remaining teams.

Good job getting a point on a very tough team [Ht]. And Paradigm Shift, you guys did an amazing job handling The Experiment.

18 Nov / 9:26 pm

Gravel Pit Exploit

I was playing on a gravel pit server today and noticed there was a sentry gun underneath the floor. I hope that someone gets this map bug fixed soon as it is one of the most annoying things I’ve seen in TF2.

From Team Fortress 2 Exploit blog comes some simple instructions and a video on how to exploit the map bug.

On cp_gravelpit

  • Push up against the wall in the video.
  • Hold crouch and then turn to the right
  • Press forward and fall through, underneath the ground.


Hopefully if enough people hear about this, the developers will fix it.