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15 Nov / 11:55 am

Fortress Stupidities

Found this blog entry while searching around on Reddit earlier today. Top Ten Team Fortress Stupidities lists 10 strategies that routinely run by naive teams that end up in ultimate failure.

The Orange Box is fantastic value: three of the greatest PC games every made, and with nine classes Team Fortress 2 provides more ways than ever before to show that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. Read our guide to avoid your co-briefcase-grabbers hammering “change team” at the sight of your name.

  1. Scout Rush Suicide
  2. Single Shot Soldier
  3. Long Range Pyro
  4. Toe-to-toe demolitions
  5. This. Is. The Heavy!
  6. Engineer: Offensive Powerhouse
  7. Premature Uberulation
  8. The Essential Sniper
  9. The Dumbass Spy
  10. The One Man Team

Thanks for your insight guys, your perspective is not flawed.

15 Nov / 10:22 am

CEVO TFTV Round2 Predictions

The guys over at TFTV have put together yet another great video predicting the outcome of the 2nd round of the CEVO TF2 tournament.

I’ve noticed a trend though, no old school TF clans get any LOVE! I really think that [Ht] has the skill and teamwork to take Tap Dat Ass. Hostile has been together as long as DJedi and have played together in various other games over the years which has kept their teamwork honed to a high level. Hostile is still playing a very tough team in Tap Dat Ass a team which beat JailBait in the first round of CEVO play. Good luck [Ht]!

-P- Paradigm Shift probably has the most TF experience of any team that’s still in CEVO. IceHawk, Rust, KingKong, sabatoge, MrBungle and Sw0oSh have been kicking (my) ass in QWTF since before most of the current players were out of diapers. These guys represent Gothic Terror [GT] and Wolvesmoon [WM] from Quake World, two of the oldest and highest respected clans of all time. That being said, these guys still will have a very difficult time playing against The Experiment and will be lucky to get a single point given the high level of teamwork displayed by clan ex.