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12 Nov / 9:41 pm

GG Experiment!

Team Experiment handed DJedi their first loss in over a month. The prediction was painfully correct and though we fought a valiant effort, we were not able to get a single point on The Experiment.

1st Round 0-3
2nd Round 0-1
Final: The Experiment wins, 4-0.

Goodluck in the rest of the tournament, guys! Keep on rollin’.

12 Nov / 4:51 pm


Aparently, the guys over at Team Fortress TV don’t think too much of us.
They have put together a great TF2-related show though. Go check it out. And make sure you stay tuned near the end where they predict the DJedi vs. Experiment match tonight. LAWLERCOASTER
Fast forward to about 6:25 if you want to skip the silly stuff.