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06 Nov / 3:15 pm

9th Seeded CEVO Playoff Birth

Digital Jedi has been selected as a wild card team and has been seeded with a 9th place ranking in CEVO. This is a tremendous milestone for our team and should help solidify our return to competitive Team Fortress.

Our first match is against 407 Death Clan on CP_Well on Monday, November 12th, expect lots of scrims this week!

Please contact us on IRC, Gamesurge, #digital if you would like to schedule a scrim with us.

Single Elimination Seeds:

1. Comedy Option
2. zero five zero
3. Hostile Takeover
4. Team Warchild
5. CAP n Crunch (Wildcard)
6. Saget In Tights
7. the doctors
8. EPIC (Wildcard)
9. Digital Jedi (Wildcard)
10. Paradigm Shift
11. Nurfed (Wildcard)
12. Team Dynasty
13. Balloons
14. The Experiment
15. strictly business
16. dorks with tranquilizers
17. BOSS
18. Random New Clan
19. Team Pandemic
20. Jailbait
21. Underground KingZ
22. Midnight Tokers
23. Tap Dat Ass
24. 407 Death Clan

06 Nov / 11:01 am

FYI, I’m a Spy!